Before u call it scam here someone's withdrawal


For me beyond infinity is legit until they fall to keep to their words coming 2024
Which car qualified are about to get their cars

Please if u are just saying beyond infinity is a scam without any fact or proof to ur saying u gonna miss out, I know sometimes we thought everything is a scam, until we miss an opportunity because of our mindset. Is all free, give a try, tomorrow might be too late for regret. Remember u don't pay a dim to do this

please I want to know why you call beyond infinity scam state ur reasons under this post

Beyond infinity introduced what is call bi ambassador to the platform on November 2022, which by u can refer free members to the platform, this was introduced to help those who don't have the money or capital needed to get started with beyond infinity.
Signing up as a free member u will be pif in from anyone from the platform with a 10$ jumpstart capital (the money will be in the platform to generate income for u)
Now as u are been pif in (paid for) u as a free member can apply to become an ambassador with beyond infinity, by becoming ambassador each 5 verify member who joined beyond infinity through ur ambassador link, the platform will credit $50 into ur beyond infinity account ( which will boost up ur earning (that's compounding interests)
If you refer 25 verified members which grow ur earning up to $250, if you contribute the 250$ into what we call the benefactor pools in the beyond infinity platform
U are entitled of a car worth $2500$ after a duration period of 365 days that's one year


Beyond infinity is a great opportunity for everyone to join and get a break through
Is all fee needed